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Enter the address or coordinates of a structure you'd like to measure.

Roof Measurements in 3 easy steps

Simply enter the address of the structure you want to be measured and confirm the pin in is the correct spot.
Select your structure type and add any auxiliary buildings needed (garages, sheds, pool houses, etc.).
Select the type(s) of report you need for your structure, then add them to your cart! That’s it, you’re done.

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Use ScopeApp to collect field data quickly so that you can provide your customers accurate estimates and reduce costly material overages. Watch the explainer video to see how it works or download it from the App Store or Google Play and start scoping!

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RoofScope works with leading construction, insurance, technology, and distribution companies to integrate our reporting data into your workflow.

Why RoofScope?

With a 99% accuracy rate and 12 hours or less turnaround time guarantees, RoofScope aerial measurement reports save you time and the hassles of having to re-measure a roof, recalculate data or hand-draft aerial takeoff reports.


Never measure or estimate by hand again!


Get estimates and material orders right the first time.


Require less time and labor from your team.


Impress your customers with beautiful reports.

Create Estimates and Work Orders in Seconds

With ProDocs, turn your Scope report data into actionable information. ProDocs is a simple, powerful tool that automatically generates accurate estimates and work orders in seconds. This highly automated process allows you to streamline your estimating and ordering cycle, so you spend more time on your business and less time on paperwork.


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